Japan Data

Key epidemiological data :


Case data are collected from publicly available data including press releases of local jurisdictions, prefectural governments, media, and Ministry of Health, Laboure, and Welfare (MHLW). The data here represents confirmed cases.The data of death was collected from both MHLW and Yomiuri  Shinbun websites. We excluded passengers and crewmembers infected on the Diamond Princess; cases detected among Japanese citizens and their relatives on charter flights from Wuhan City, China between January 2020 and February 2020; cases found at quarantine stations; and passengers and crewmembers infected on the Cost Atlantica in Nagasaki prefecture. Furthermore, when a case shows the multiple positive COVID-19 testing results, we count this as one. 

 Collected data are saved in a repository and reformulated to the interactive web-based dashboard. The values used in the dashboard are subject to change without notification as data cleaning is underway.

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