• Summary

    Summary of Japan’s response to COVID-19. What happened and what did Japan learn in the first weeks, what is the cluster response, why was testing limited, state of emergency, and where Japan is today. As of September, 2020.

  • Current Status

    Updates to the epidemiological status in Japan by experts. We intended to show a quick overview and analysis of basic epidemiological data (full data presented in Data section) on a weekly basis.

    Updated on 11/14/2020.

  • Data

    Current epidemiological data from Japan.

    The data is updated daily to represent the basic demographic information of COVID-19 infection. `

  • Population Overview

    Overview of the health of the population in Japan. Relative longevity, risk factors, and access to medical care are some of the key characteristics relevant to COVID-19 response.

  • Cultural Background

    Cultural, traditional, and religious backgrounds in Japan that could have contributed to how people responded to COVID-19.

  • Communication to Public

    Views on communication to the public surrounding COVID-19. Challenges in existing mediums and nature of a novel virus.

  • Expert Panel Recommendations

    Expert Panel recommendations translated by team. The Expert Panel provides medical and public health expertise to the Ministry.

    Current: November 11, 2020

  • ... and more coming soon